Mighty Marc

If Kerry wins in November, I will lose all faith in this country!

Monday, July 19, 2004

Mighty Marc Returns

People might remember me as the evil genius, or the unholy despot, brining bad news and bad tidings to those around the world! First and foremost, what's up with Iran? Those people need to step out of the 14th century! And what's up with Islam? Am I the only one who is sick and tired of people using it as a reason to kill people! I mean, the bible has the basic same messages but didn't Christians stop using it as a means for war a long time ago. There is a paradise and it is called heaven, but I don't think blowing myself and 20 other people up will help me get there. Vietnam proved that you can beat the US without being an insane maniac. I guess I just don't understand that culture, and the way things are going I really don't want too! I, like many others, lost someone close on 9-11, and it has been hard forgetting about her. But I think that I get more upset when I listen to John Kerry. Bush is not a good guy, but neither is this loser! I think he should donate 3/4 of his total asset's to welfare! God Bless, and if anyone can enlighten me on Islam, please do!


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